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Prior to Closing:

  1. Obtain copy of executed buyer/seller contract with binder deposit.
  2. Open a Title Order- secure loan payoff amounts, HOA/CDD fees, insurances, survey and tax data and records of any inspection reports.
  3. Order Title Search and Examination– review state of legal title of property: liens, ownership interest, etc. in the public records.
  4. Review Parties Closing Instructions, including loan documents.
  5. Prepare Closing Statements.
  6. Coordinate the Settlement.

During Closing:

  1. The seller signs the deed and closing affidavit.
  2. The buyer signs the new note and mortgage.
  3. Disburse mortgage loan proceeds to payoff any prior mortgage, pay seller, Realtor®, and other parties in the transaction.


  1. Lender requirements are satisfied.
  2. Any unpaid persons/entities are paid.
  3. Transaction documents are recorded in the county where the property is located.
  4. Issue title insurance policy to home owner and lender.

Independent and/or Settlement Services:

  1. Assist in preparation of Deeds.
  2. Notarize Documents
  3. Retain binder deposit (even if we do not conduct the closing).
  4. Estoppel Letters.
  5. Obtain mortgage payoff letters.
  6. Obtain a survey.
  7. Obtain discharges, releases and warrants to satisfy judgements.
  8. Title Search Services.
  9. Quiet Title Actions.
  10. Licensed Realtor® Services.

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