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For many buyers their home buying focus is on bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc, and, of course, the property's location, location, location. However, there is more to be considered than neighborhood, price, and amenities. Buyers need to be aware of the Seller's state of title. Does he own the property being sold? Are there any liens on the property that could affect title and carry over to you?

If so, these concerns need to be addressed. In that regard, Prestige Settlement & Title Services conducts a comprehensive title and municipal lien search to review the chain of title; and, we provide you with a title insurance policy that serves as coverage for your property investment.

The premium for the title insurance policy is paid, one time, at the closing table. Your policy coverage extends policy protection for the duration of your homeownership and inures to the benefit of your heirs, as long as they retain an interest in the property.

Buying or Selling a Home?


We know that you have prepped your property, physically, for sale. You may have painted, upgraded landscaping, carpeting, or the like. Yet, there is still more to do. Your ownership interest (“title) must be prepped to sell the property, as well. Any outstanding mortgage(s), judgments, or other liens (“clouds on title”) against the property typically must be satisfied or released in order to convey clear title to your property. Prestige Settlement & Title Services will navigate clearing any clouds on title; and, we will prepare the necessary closing package for you and the buyer.

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