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Real Estate Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Our Services Span From Contract to Close

At Prestige Settlement & Title Services, LLC, we assist a variety of clients through real estate transactions in Jacksonville, Florida, Montgomery, Alabama, and Savannah, Georgia. Whether you are a realtor, lender, homeowner, or builder, allow us to stand by your side in every step of the process. Schedule a free initial consultation today. We are available to meet with you in person, as well as via phone or video call.

Prior to Closing:

  1. Obtain a copy of executed buyer/seller contract with a binder deposit.

  2. Open a Title Order- secure loan payoff amounts, HOA/CDD fees, insurances, survey and tax data, and records of any inspection reports.

  3. Order Title Search and Examination– review the state of legal title of property: liens, ownership interest, etc. in the public records.

  4. Review Parties Closing Instructions, including loan documents.

  5. Prepare Closing Statements.

  6. Coordinate the Settlement.

During Closing:

  1. The seller signs the deed and closing affidavit.

  2. The buyer signs the new note and mortgage.

  3. Disburse mortgage loan proceeds to pay off any prior mortgage, pay seller, Realtor®, and other parties in the transaction.

Here For You From Start to Finish


  1. Lender requirements are satisfied.

  2. Any unpaid persons/entities are paid.

  3. Transaction documents are recorded in the county where the property is located.

  4. Issue title insurance policy to homeowner and lender.

Independent and/or Settlement Services:

  1. Assist in preparation of Deeds.

  2. Notarize Documents

  3. Retain binder deposit (even if we do not conduct the closing).

  4. Estoppel Letters.

  5. Obtain mortgage payoff letters.

  6. Obtain a survey.

  7. Obtain discharges, releases, and warrants to satisfy judgments.

  8. Title Search Services.

  9. Quiet Title Actions.

  10. Licensed Realtor® Services.

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If you're navigating the closing process, facing probate, or simply have questions about your real estate transaction, don't hesitate to reach out to us today in Jacksonville, Florida. We assist clients in Montgomery, Alabama, and Savannah, Georgia. Schedule a free consultation with our attorneys to get started.